Thursday, April 14, 2016

timed typing

We had a 24 hour "community outage" with the phone company. I know everyone on the dirt part of Bryan Rd had no phone or internet for that time frame. And at times like that I realize just how much I use the internet. Bobby was laughing at me because I had several things online that I had on my to do list (you know, important stuff, like research puppies, etc) that didn't get done.

In the meantime, the bathroom project of removing wallpaper is finally finished AND cleaned up, and I hope to receive a price quote from a painter today. I started tackling my sewing room yesterday, and while no one else would walk in and think "PROGRESS!!!", I certainly do. There's so many things I need to get done before my family comes in May, and I'm quickly running out of time to get it all done.

Meanwhile, there was another raccoon in the hen house yesterday. A dead one. We don't know for sure which way he made it in, but we know he tried to go out through the bottom (where I have planters shoved up against the buckled doors to keep anything from crawling up) and got his head stuck between the nesting box and the door and couldn't get out. I'm thinking maybe it broke it's neck, but I really don't know. All I know is it was there; it wasn't there the day before; and my cousin who came to remove it for me discovered it was already dead. Dead enough to be cold and have stiff paws, but not dead long enough to have a stiff body. How's that for grossification?  So now I've got to come up with Plan C.

And on Monday, Freckles had her puppies.

7 puppies, to be exact. Four of them clearly look like beagles (a combo of Little Dog and Freckles) and three are brown, which makes me think there may be a 2nd daddy. Time will tell. I may actually pick them up today, if Momma will let me, and see what genders we have. Sometimes I wish life would just slow down. Other times, the busyness of it all makes me laugh. And this is one of those times.

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Jennifer said...

I learn something new every day....never knew there could be a 2nd daddy!! I can't wait to see them. I can't see the brown ones from the picture.