Monday, April 18, 2016


There are times when life is crazy, and then there's time I wonder if it's really life that is crazy, or me. At the moment I'm leaning more towards me.

Our tiller is in the shop. When we dropped it off, I was expecting to get a call that it was ready by the end of the week. We weren't told otherwise. I finally called Saturday morning, and was told "We told your husband it would be three weeks before we could look at it." I didn't reply that I was WITH my husband when WE dropped it off, and no such thing was said, as it wouldn't change anything nor would it help them get to our machine any faster. And it IS a busy time of year for lawn mower service repairmen. So Saturday I started hoeing, did one row and a half and quit with blisters. Today after proctoring achievement tests we drove to Fuquay (a nearby town). Their Home Depot actually RENTS service equipment. Even with the 30-45 minute drive home and back,  I was still able to till the garden and stay within the 4 hr rental time slot (though I did sign the 24 hr contract just in case it took me longer but they only charged me for the 4... :) And now I'm slam wore out.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon/evening I can get the fence up and then plant Wednesday afternoon. April is passing way too fast. I want this year to just slow down, but it seems to be winding up faster and faster and faster.

Meanwhile I'm woefully aware that I tend to overbook my schedule sometimes, and I've been told I'm not the nicest person to be around when that happens. So I'm trying to prioritize these next three weeks and if something I wanted to do isn't on that "do or die" list, then it's no big deal if it doesn't get done. I'll let you know how it pans out.

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