Wednesday, April 6, 2016

the insanity of my to do lists

Often when I have a lot of things to do, I find that making a list helps me prioritize and not forget anything important. But there are times, more than I care to admit, when that is not the case. I have this nice long list made it a day/days before, and the day ends and....only one thing, or less, is crossed off.  Case in point:

Yesterday's List of Things To Do:
 - find a place for glass jars
 - clean the chicken house
 - change batteries in dog collars
 - Call the Dr's billing dept.
 - Call a painter
 - CD to cousin
 - get out cooler for Wed
 - wire peas and plant the 2nd row (carryover from Mon)
 - finish removing bathroom wallpaper/glue paper
 - ironing

What I Actually Did Yesterday:
 - finished sorting slides
 - covered plants for cold weather
 - cleaned chicken house
 - spent time at Lowe's with Bobby
 - ran 2 errands
 - vacuumed the bedroom
 - cleaned up some yard debris
 - put out rocks around the end of Bobby's ramp to help deal with erosion
 - filled an "ankle breaker" size hole the dogs dug
 - called a painter

So cleaning out the chicken house was the ONLY thing on my To Do List that actually got done!!! Ok, well, two if you count the painter that I did call but had to leave a message. But that's okay. All of the things I finished were things that needed to be done as well, even if they weren't quite as high on my priority list. I'm sure if my husband reads this he will close his eyes and shake his head, much like I stare at him without blinking when he painstakingly tackles a day long task with almost no breaks until it's done.

So today I didn't create a list, because I really need to finish things from Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, some of Tuesday's things were carry-overs from Monday. Se la vie! Or at least, my life.

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