Thursday, April 7, 2016

school construction update

About a month ago I was amazed as I'd leave in the mornings for work how much construction had taken place the day before. I did manage to get a few photographs, but have not had time to load them before now.  So here's the old updates from my bedroom window...

As they scalped the landscape, the came across a very large rock. This is only part of it after it was dynamited and drilled. They're still drilling on it a month later (can the noise PLEASE stop?!?!)

We took these photos the one night I got home early enough to walk before it went totally dark. Here they'd just poured the concrete for the main section of the building.

Looking back at the machine parking lot and our house.

You can see the scaffolding going up!

Scaffolding has moved up quite a bit and the height of one doorway is now completed.

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