Monday, February 29, 2016


We went to the doctor Friday. Things are looking good, except we do have to start "the diet" again. We went off of it last year in an effort to get some lower sugar levels for both of us and to help me lose weight. So much for that!!! In case you're wondering what the diet entails, many people think it's wonderful. It's really not. Take the quiz below and see for yourself:

The Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

Just shoot me now! We met with the doctor today, and we are now back on the crazy diet. Think you know what's healthy? Take this quiz!

  1. To prevent CO kidney stones, what food is the WORST to eat?

  2. spinach
    iceberg lettuce

  3. What food is the BEST to eat to prevent CO kidney stones?

  4. bacon

  5. Which is the better snack?

  6. nuts & berries
    a granola bar

  7. Which fruit is good for you?

  8. berries

  9. You're making a sandwich. Which bread should you use?

  10. wheat bread
    white bread

  11. It's carb time! Which potato is best for you?

  12. sweet potato
    white potato

  13. Time to take your vitamins! Which should you INCREASE?

  14. Vitamin C

  15. What is the best way to eat carrots?

  16. raw

  17. Which soup is the best choice?

  18. vegetable soup
    chicken noodle

  19. Which drinks are the better choice?

  20. buttermilk, lemonaid, green tea
    chocolate milk, black tea, grape juice

Let's see how you did? How would you survive on a low oxalate diet?


Jennifer said...

I missed number 7 (it gave me an 80/100 but that was the only one I missed. I guess I guessed a few, but I knew a lot from my stone. My doctor told me she got a stone from eating too much spinach and I know that I don't follow the rule that the liquids should be clear (see the bottom of cup). I was also surprised that I should have blueberries and almonds, something I eat a lot of. CRAZY!!

Monica said...

If I remember correctly, blueberries and strawberries were in the moderate category (meaning you could a small portion a day or a moderate portion once a week), whereas spinach was the in the "avoid at all costs" group. One university hospital broke down the counts into milligrams. Anything over 15 was classified as a contributor to stones, and the berries were around 20, except for purple grapes which were around 60. Spinach was like 600. It is crazy. We're trying to be good, but also going to do things in moderation. For his heart and my weight we can't just give up vegetables and fruit we like.