Friday, January 2, 2015

the Rockingham County Museum

One of my sister-in-laws lives in Rockingham County, NC.  During December we had the chance to drive up and spend half a day with her. After lunch, she took us to the nearby town of Wentworth to see the new county museum. And I must say, I was a bit impressed.

I don't remember what building these concrete slabs came from, but they made an incredibly awesome table and chairs. Can't you picture little kids on a field trip eating their lunches here before/after a trip to the museum?

While I did enjoy the few quilts they had out on display, one of my two favorite exhibits from the museum was a photography exhibit from a local person who had worked for the Smithsonian. They were incredible.
The second favorite thing was the building itself - an old courthouse. I was amazed at the doors and the archway, the old tile floors, the safes (some of the exhibits were actually housed in the safes, which are huge and which I found both interesting and a bit unnerving if I thought about too much). They had a small cramped room on tobacco history, pre-civil war days - dealing with slavery and occupations, a civil rights room, and a room that held antique furniture, as well as an exhibit of items from the Chinqua-Penn plantation (which I hate we never made it to see before they closed last year in bankruptcy). 

It was a "field trip" worth taking.

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