Thursday, January 1, 2015

super spicy

I've been trying to tackle one small thing (housework wise) each day the last week. It's not a planned thing, but something I've just been trying to do to keep the house semi-clean.

And last night, while waiting for supper to finish cooking, I started this one project (because it was there, in front of me, daring me) and finished it this morning. Normally Bobby is not happy when I throw things away, but today when I showed him the labels, he actually laughed.

Most of these are Kroger brand.  The year before we got married, I lived across the street from Garner High School (which connects to the Kroger shopping center). But I've not shopped there since 2000.  That tells you how old these spices are.

And somewhat in my defense...I used to cook a lot of things from scratch. Bobby's parents had a huge garden every summer, as well as beef cows, so I learned to make spaghetti and chili without the seasoning packets. And then we had to cut back/out the tomato products Bobby could have for a few years, so I quit making those dishes. Hence, chili powder, garlic powder, oregano, ginger...those spices quit being used. And the nutmeg...I'm not sure how or why I wound up with that.

Some people laugh at me, but I have a policy that if a recipe has more than two ingredients I've never heard of/don't use, then I won't try it. It does sound a little absurd, but there's nothing I hate more than to buy something, like spices, and then not like it but have quite a bit of it.

Not every cleaning project is this drastic.  But this one still has me shaking my head.

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