Saturday, March 6, 2010

a week of blessings

It's been a long week, but a good week.

Mary B aced her test to get her NC Driver's License.

I attended an embroidery demonstration. Needless to say, my stitches need a LOT of practice, but for the first time with an instructor, I didn't think it was all that bad. I won't be giving away anything embroidered, that's for sure, but I did thoroughly enjoy the lesson and a break from housework.

The study is 98% clean! There's still a few piles I need to sort through and organize, but it's just so nice to finally have the shelves dusted and a little more sorted. Still haven't finished cleaning and organizing the art room, but hopefully that can be done this next week.

Tutoring...a friend of mine is taking the nursing entrance exam next week, so I've spent an hour almost every day this week going over basic English precepts. It's made me thankful for my 5th grade teacher Diana Postelwaite and her excellence in drilling basic concepts into us, as well as my high school English teachers who never saw us as "just a job".

Apples of Gold...the CBC ladies are doing a six week Bible study/mentoring program and this week was the first I got to attend. I enjoyed getting to know a few ladies better, and look forward to the remaining four weeks. And yes, the study, as has been church and devotionals lately, was very convicting.

Our chickens are now laying regularly! Yesterday was an all-time high of 5 eggs, but we've been averaging at least 3 eggs a day for almost a week now. I also need to finalize the geese's nesting pen this next week as I think they're laying as well. Haven't scouted out the other side of the dam where they're hanging out, but I'm seeing all the signs of spring.'

My Mom is feeling slightly better.

I've managed to get a few things done on the computer. It feels good to be getting back into somewhat of a schedule. You don't realize how much you get behind or out of whack when you're sick until you finally get things back on track.

But even if all these things had not happened this week, I would still be blessed, for reasons way too numerous to list. So as we end this week, may those of you who know His peace & grace revel in the blessings He has bestowed.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah! Sounds like a good week for you!!