Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the spring itch

It happens every year. The daffodils bloom, and people start shopping seeds and wanting to till the ground and drop the seeds into the soil. The only problem is there's this warning on the back of most seed packages: do not plant until the danger of frost has passed. While there are many Marches where there is no frost in the South, I can think of many times when there has not only been frost, but snow in mid or late March. The best rule of thumb has always been to do the outdoor planting on summer crops after Easter.
This year I'm embarking on a new first, and will plant start seeds indoor next week. By the time the weather is warm enough to plant outdoors, Lord willing my little plants will be the right size to transplant.
Meanwhile, I know spring is coming because March is the month to fertilize pecan trees, spray the fruit trees, and prune the grapevines. I've spread the fertilizer, but I'm waiting and hoping for warmer weather to tackle the other two. Speaking of which, does anyone need/want grapevines?


mrs.pabody said...

I would like a grapevine. And an arbor to grow it on over my back gate. ;)
We've had such a mild winter here that I bravely (likely foolishly) planted lettuce in my garden on Monday. So funny that it's so nice here and you all have had snow! Love you and miss you soooo much, dear friend!!!! We hope to come see you all this fall... and to bring with us the coming new addition to our family! Yay! :D

sara's art house said...

Good for you and all of your gardening! Thanks for offering me bulbs--not sure what I want to say about that....maybe I should :)