Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you ever wonder why God created our noses? I mean, the nose is basically an angled, tunneled entrance into our sinus passages. I suppose noses are more aesthetically pleasing. Can you imagine what our faces would look like if we just had two big holes where our nose is? On the more practical side, I know they play an important role in filtering the dust and dirt from the air we breath and such (reckon that's where the idea for a vacuum cleaner came from?), but really...a two-tunneled slanted entrance?

As a kid I used to ponder why adults were so adamantly opposed to nose picking. To my five year old brain, it made perfect sense. If you looked at people's nasal openings and their index fingers, they almost always seemed the same size. It was as if God measured them to fit perfectly. I also couldn't understand why girls who would make mud pies or swim in Smith Lake (which is very dirty) would think picking your nose was so gross. It is just dried up dirt after all. And lest some of you are becoming very concerned about me at this point, yes I do recognize as an adult why nose picking is not a safe nor wise thing to do.

And I also have a question for you: do you find it more painful to have a cold as an adult than you did as a kid? I remember being miserable with colds as a child, but I don't ever remember hurting like I do now as an adult. I guess that means I'm just falling apart.

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