Thursday, February 4, 2010


One of the things I miss the most about childhood is having someone to look after me when I'm sick. You don't truly appreciate Mom fixing you things to drink or rubbing your back or just holding you until you feel bad, but you still have to fix your own meals or drink or figure out what medicine to take. And for all my Mom friends out there who've not only been sick themselves but also had to look after a little one (or multiples) at the same time, my hat is off to you.

One of the nice things I don't miss about childhood and sickness, is as an adult I don't have to go to the doctor unless I think it's necessary. (I'm reminded of a few scenes were I'm rasping out my rationale for NOT going to the doctor while gasping for breath and my Dad standing there staring at me as if I'm from another planet and then laughingly saying, "Get your jacket and get in the car.") Some kids had normal diseases like chicken pox, strep, or tonsillitis; I had bronchial pneumonia and 5th disease.

And I am excited (as much as a tired person can be) this morning. Bobby informed me last night if I wasn't better this morning I had to go to the doctor. I woke up this morning and after five days of a sore throat so bad I couldn't stand to talk, I can talk this morning without hurting! WHOOHOOO!

Now if this cold will only be a 1week run instead of a 3 week, we'll be in business!

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