Saturday, January 9, 2010

easy way out

One of my unwritten goals for the first half of 2010 was to start learning and applying some of the web design software that came with the graphic design software. My hope was to comprehend enough of it to create my own website by June. I'd still like to do that.

However, learning new things is both time consuming and frustrating. Meanwhile, anyone looking for a freelance designer wants to see an on-line portfolio. So last night I found that Google has free sites available, with both templates and free-style pages. The site name isn't easy to remember, but for this point in time it will meet my need of having an online portfolio. So hopefully by tonight I will have enough of my work converted into pictures so they can be posted.

A part of me says I'm taking the easy way out, this is cheating, and unprofessional. But on the other hand, I'll never be able to apply for freelance jobs unless there's a site where people can go to view my work. Hopefully by tonight you will all be receiving a message for me asking you to visit my new site!


mommy to four j's said...

beautiful pictures those dog's are so cute

Jennifer said...

hmmmm...i never got a message!