Saturday, May 16, 2009

the 2009 Tour d' Coop (henside the beltline)

Every year a group of city chicken owners (people inside the Beltline who own chickens) host a Chicken Tour of their backyards. For the cost of a bag of canned goods or staple food items, or a cash donation, people can acquire a map that has all the locations plus a description of each place. (All proceeds go to Urban Ministries.) Here's my favorites from today:

a converted shed

Bobby's favorite - the 15 nesting boxes are only PART of this collection. The owner actually has 35 chickens in three different sets. We got a few ideas from them, I loved their yard's landscaping, and we heard an idea that I hope Bobby forgets.

my favorite sign of the day

a dollhouse/playhouse in the process of being converted into a chicken house. I like how the side was hinged to open (the front door does as well. The nesting box is small, but seeing as the family only has 2 chickens they really don't need a huge one.
We didn't see everything on the map, but a few of them we saw last year (and we had an appointment for the afternoon and a very busy evening) SOOoooo,
our own coop was delivered this afternoon.
Red and the unamed white chicken seem happy enough.
Everyone is excited, except Lucy & Linus. No more fresh chicken for them!


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

You should hold a contest for naming the white chicken. The CBC kids would love it! I'm all for "Skelton."

Howdy, ya'll- this here's "Red" and "Skelton." Too bad most people won't get that....

sara's art house said...

Cute chicken coops!!!! I love the sign about the kitten too :)