Friday, May 15, 2009

the death of common sense, part 2

Lately I have been absolutely astounded at what teen girls are allowed to wear. Granted, I don't envy the parents' job in the least little bit, but that doesn't eradicate their responsibilities.

Case in point #1): A young girl (under 15) goes with the fishing with the family and her boyfriend. She wears swimming clothes. (Swimwear in and of itself is entirely another discussion). While wearing a skimpy two piece, she stands extremely close to the guy on more than one occasion while in front of her parents. If you don't have at least three red flags going on in your mind as you read this paragraph, you might not want to read any further as your common sense was buried some time back.

Case in point #2): A mother allows her teen daughter to purchase t-shirts several sizes larger because the junior-sized t-shirts were designed to ride above the belly button and squeeze whatever humps may be. Problem? The low-cut design (which is only lower on a short torso) and looseness creates quite an eye full when the kid bends over.

Case in point #3): Today a mother in FL is pitching a fit because a school is passing out yearbooks containing a picture of her child where her private parts are exposed in the group picture. She should understandably be upset. School officials say it's a shadow. WHY did a 16 year old wear a short dress with no underwear on picture day, sit on the front row, and then be upset because the school published the photo?

Case in point #4): Miss California....enough said.


Jennifer said...

Ok, I agree on your Miss california, however, I do give her kudos for sticking to her guns about gay marriage even when it might have cost her the crown. I know what she did in the past was wrong. She was on Focus on the Family this week and she seems to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I don't know at what point she came to know him and that's probably a discussion all in itself, but I do admire her sticking up for what she believes in, taking in all this media pressure, death threats and whatever else she has endured.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

The FL case you mentioned....gross. People have no shame anymore.