Monday, May 18, 2009

a new vocabulary

Have you ever noticed how almost everything in life has its own vocabulary? Think about it. Trek fans, Star Wars Fans, Harry Potter fans...they have their own "lingo". Then once you start reading and learning about computers, it's almost like learning a foreign language & culture...not only are there words and terminology you've never heard and must figure out how to use correctly, but there's also totally new things to discover as well! This morning I got my feet wet in the language of chickens.

Chick - newly hatched, usually under 1 month old
Pullet - a female (hen) under 1 yr
Cockerel - a male (rooster) under 1 yr
Coop - the house were the chicken roosts & nests
Roosts - how a chicken/rooster perches on a pole or board to sleep at night (or chill during the day)
Run - the "pen" for a chicken; a totally enclosed area where he/she can run around
Broody - a hen who wants/tries to nest (even if she has no eggs)

I hope there's not too many more words to learn (other than all the chicken "nationalities") because I'm not sure my fuzzy little brain can handle much more new vocabulary words.

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