Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Thank God for snow!!!
It snowed so much last night and this morning the office was closed today! Whoohooo! So even though I was not going in anyway due to inclement weather, now it's not counted against my vacation days (I still have two left!!!)
So I had time to fix sausage balls for breakfast, got to watch the historical inauguration, iron clothes, AND complete one of my January projects!

I didn't think about taking a before picture, but Mrs. Bryan's planter was last painted several years ago and was done the same color as the porch floor - grey. My brother-in-law did an excellent job of painting it then, but as anything exposed to the elements and leaking potted plants, it needed a new job. At Christmas (yeah, hard to believe it was so warm at Christmas we sat outside on the porch while the youngest Bryan grandkids rode bikes), I noticed for the first time all the intricate details. As many times as I have watered the plants on this thing, I had never noticed the grape vine trellising up the sides of the planter. So I went a little elaborate and painted all the individual details. I'm pleased with the results; (I hope she is!)
I should have one hour of free time left this evening after supper prep and clean-up and normal routine stuff. Do I iron more clothes, start another project, or rest and read some? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Now if I could just be off tomorrow...sigh.


Jennifer said...

wow. you and sara are so talented!

Monica said...

No, Sara is talented. She not only paints, she creates her designs...I just manipulate what's already there...

sara's art house said...

Beautiful Monica! You done good ;0)

Nice snow pics.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Very pretty! I would have just spray painted the whole thing one color:) Did you get today off too?