Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BLESSINGS and Blessings and ....ingratitude?

I have a gracious employer (Mid-Way Baptist Church in Raleigh). When Bobby was sick this past April, they allowed me to work from home, or simply ignored unworked hours, and various people assisted in covering jobs for me while I was out. I would come in, expecting to complete projects, and find them already done! (Thank you again, Wendy, Linda, and Amanda!) Then when the Belarusian kids returned, they allowed me yet again to shift and consolidate hours for six weeks, even though it was often an inconvenience. Today, the office opened at 9:30am due to snow and ice on the roads, but no one said a word about me arriving at 10:30am (though someone did see me slide through the parking lot and slip and fall coming in!) but simply checked to see if I was okay. And when our HR person called last night to tell me the office would be open today, but late, her last words were "Stay safe." And they sent us home at 3:30pm today.

In addition, on my way to work I saw one van in a ditch, and passed a policeman checking out a three-car collision. I made it safely (other than sliding into my parking spot!). Coming home was a breeze.

I have heat, running water, and I live in a country where power is PEACEFULLY transferred every four years, without martial law being enforced in every town, nor the militia pushing people out of office. How blessed can I be?

So instead of whimpering about how I'd love to stay home for the next two weeks and do nothing but work on projects and clean house and sleep, I'm trying to count my blessings. That in and of itself is so sad, because I have so many blessings that my mind should not ever be distracted by petty selfishness. And to think I used to ponder why the Children of Israel were stupid for complaining all the time!

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Jennifer said...

you wouldn't get your projects done anyway...i didn't get anything accomplished all week, and even with the boys gone these two days, I have still scheduled things to occupy my time!! I was thanking God for keeping me safe last night coming home at 11 pm.