Wednesday, March 22, 2017

signs of spring

Before we left for AL, NC had been experiencing a nice burst of warm weather. Our bush was blooming out back (the blooms are now all dead and frozen looking, but they'll bounce back)...
 and I spotted the chicken hawk down at the pier.
 I tried photographing it through the binoculars. While I could see it quite clearly, it didn't photograph too well. But you can see part of the tail stripes. I saw it flying on the road a few days later, not far from where my chickens were hanging out. It made me a little thankful we didn't have any young ones. I've never seen them eat a full grown chicken, though they will eat a pullet (one that's 3-4 months old).
So while many people find them beautiful and amazing, I always look for a bunny or squirrel when I see one, and then count my chickens. They're not scared of humans, either.

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