Tuesday, January 10, 2017

a peaceful solitude

I felt like last year was such a whirlwind that it has been more than nice to have several days of being unable to go anywhere. I've actually done some fun things - pulled out a puzzle (printed on 2 sides and double cut....what was I thinking?) and have spent several hours in my sewing room.  Granted, there's been the everyday life chores, and the unexpected winter chores (carrying hot water out to the dogs and chickens to thaw out their water bowls), but overall these last few days have been nice.

In December one of the quilt groups I belong to was skipping our traditional meeting (I think only me and one other person had not finished the quilt top for the month) and were going to do the jelly roll race as a fun meeting night. With all the family coming in for the wedding, I ended up missing it. Since I already had my roll, I decided on Saturday to go ahead and make my quilt top. It didn't turn out as I expected (I modified the plan a little), so I've still got some work to do before that will ever be considered a finished quilt top. Maybe I'll post pics of that later this week. But I have been trying to work on this past year's project. I'm not halfway through page 10 (out of 18) pages. This quilt has HOURS of work on it, but I think it's going to be one of my favorites when I'm done.

And today is Bobby's birthday, so I'll be making country styled steak for supper tonight (one of his favorites). He said no to cake (crazy, I know), so I spent my afternoon sewing and ironing instead of baking  a cake. And I put cheese in the scrambled eggs. Not my thing, but he likes it. So for his special day, he got it.

The pond is starting to melt, as is the ice/snow around the house. Our driveway is in the shade, so it doesn't melt as fast as other places. Nevertheless, we may venture out tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then I'm definitely heading out on Thursday.

Happy Bobby Day!

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