Thursday, December 29, 2016

start to finish

Disclaimer: I did not finish this project in one day. In all honesty, I did not exactly do it start to finish.

In the midst of my semi-organized chaos called a sewing room and calendar filled with holiday events, I've actually both started and finished a project. Yes. That is so spectacularly amazing that it bears repeating: I've both started AND finished a project.

Sometime this fall (maybe November) I bought the needed materials for a bench cushion. The kitchen table we acquired from Bobby's aunt came with a bench seat that needed a very deep cleaning. We had guests over for supper one night and the kid sitting at one end kept saying "I'm sticking to my chair!"  Not long after that, a friend gave me a lecture at our house, and I was sitting in that same spot. When it came time to get up and go to the firing range, my pants were stuck to the seat. It's only that end of the bench that does it. I've cleaned and scrubbed it again, but I'm afraid only sanding and restaining the bench will solve the problem. And that's not something I want to do. After online shopping for bench cushions and seeing there wasn't one the size I needed and custom ordering was so expensive, we headed to JoAnns the next time there was a sale. My goal was to have it completed before my family came for the wedding, but that didn't happen. But I did finally get it done this week. I measured and cut one evening, then ironed (adhesive strips) and sewed (hand sewed the ends) the next evening.

It's a very small red check. My 13 yr old niece saw the fabric when visiting and said it looked like something from an old farm. I'll take that as a complement. :)

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