Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Today is what I hope will be the last day to cut grass for 2016. The leaves are falling. I'm wearing 3/4 sleeves and pondering pulling on a jacket. The pecans are screaming "Fall is here! Fall is here!" (Okay, they're simply beginning to open their husks which means the pecans are almost ripe and they will start dropping in a few weeks.) There are no insects flying around and stinging me, nor mosquitoes irritating me, and I'm not sweating. It's the perfect time of year to cut grass.

And since I mentioned my sister yesterday, I'll mention her again today.

Cutting grass always makes me think of her.

Growing up, my dad had very bad allergies. Every time he cut the grass, he would barely be able to breathe or talk for the next 24 hours. So once I learned how, I joined my older sister in cutting the grass so he wouldn't have to. On those really hot days, we'd alternate. I'd take two rows, she'd take two. And on we'd go. And after we'd both finished 4 rows, Mom would be there with a glass of ice water for both of us.

Now, I have a self-propelled push mower for the trim work. But we do have a big yard. I tell myself while I'm working that this is nothing compared to what it was growing up. But I have to confess, the hotter it is while I work, the more I wish I could trade off with my sister and Mom would show up with ice water. Sometimes we truly take things for granted and don't realize how much those little gestures help and mean until they're not there.

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