Tuesday, October 4, 2016

a fast update

I'm on limited time so if there's a lot of typos in this post, please know there was no time to proof and I was typing quickly.

In case you've not watched the news, there's a hurricane coming this weekend. And to some degree or another North Carolina will be impacted. Which means I'm beginning to field phone calls or messages from folks back home who've never lived through a hurricane but see all the dvestation they cause on television. I've only been through one small one here, so I'm certainly no expert, but here's what my family needs to know:

  • Rain and lots of it, along with a lot of noise. That's what it will mean for me.
  • :) The pond behind our house as both a drain and a spillway. Our house is on the highest point of our property. The hill behind us to the pond is somewhat steep. We're in no danger of flooding.
  • We're more likely to face flooding three roads away at a nearby bridge which is very old, forcing us to drive a different direction, or wipe out on a slippery, muddy dirt road than we are to drown or lose our house to flooding or wind damage.
  • Stocking up for us means having enough water on hand in case the power goes out. That's what non-city people have to do since we have well water.
  • EXCEPT, we have a generator. So as long as we have gas, our electric well pump will work. 
  • And yes, this generator will also operate the charger for Bobby's wheelchair.
  • We have a gas grill, and a pantry and freezer well stocked.
  • I might bake cookies the day before it hits. And if any bread is left in the store tomorrow, I may buy a loaf.
So our biggest issues are medical supplies, which I keep well stocked, and having adequate water and power to operate and tend to medical needs. The generator my in-laws gifted us with takes care of the majority of those needs. 

But if you just really feel the need to worry, my older sister is 3 hrs away in a town called Washington (NC) which is prone to flooding. I suggest you spread your concern on down the road to her. And she'll be glad to dramatically tell you all about it. :)

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