Wednesday, August 31, 2016


This past Saturday I started my temp work with the Board of Elections. I am SO thankful that my schedule is very organized and reasonable. Unless I need to fill in for a different trainer, I should only have one class to teach each week and one class to take each week AND they've given me several days in a row off before early voting starts. Starting Oct 27, I'll be working every single day until Election Day. And the day after that? I plan to crash. As I get older, I wonder how many more years I will keep doing this. It's not a difficult job, I enjoy the interaction with people, and it's a great public service job. And yet, the hours on election day are c.r.a.z.y. I'm trying not to focus on the future or what's ahead, because it's constantly changing. But for now, my goal is to be the best Help Table trainer I can be, and be a fair and kind supervisor on election day. People always turn out on Presidential election years, and this year has been a record turnout for Wake County. I don't expect November to be any different. So if I don't blog a whole lot in September and October, you'll know I'm trying to balance getting ready for class and daily life.

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