Tuesday, July 19, 2016

when things go awry

So far I'm batting 3 for 3, as in not getting things right. Yesterday I was taking a meal to a friend from church. Sometimes when that's on my schedule, I'll make extra and we'll eat the same thing. When we sat down to eat, 2 of the 4 things I prepared did not taste all that great to me. My husband, who is bluntly honest about things, said it tasted okay to him. I'm hoping my tastebuds are just off, but I've spent today pondering whether or not they liked the meal. It's the first time I've ever prepared food for this family, so that made me want it to be extra special.

And tonight I was supposed to call the courthouse to find out about my assigned arrival time for jury duty tomorrow. It's been 2.5 hours since I was supposed to check in, and I STILL cannot get through. All I get is the recording operator, and when I finally make it out of the loop, it either hangs up or I get a busy signal. This is crazy!!!  Several years ago when I had duty, I called, entered a number, and it told me everything I needed to know. So basically, tomorrow morning I'll now have to drive downtown, find a place to park, and hope that I'm supposed to be there in the morning instead of the afternoon. Wake County clearly needs a better system.

Last week, while cutting grass, I began breaking out in a strange rash. And for the three remaining days after that, I'd have new places pop up. It was weird. On day four I called and made an appointment with the dr. Long story short, she wants me to try OTC allergy medicine any time I'm going to be working outside, and I have a prescription back-up just in case it happens again. I often will develop whelps or small swollen spots with mosquito bites, so that I expect to see. But this is unlike anything I've ever had before. Thankfully after I called the dr it quit spreading, though not all of them have gone away.

It has been a busy, although good, summer. Saturday was the first morning since mid-June that we've not woke up to an alarm clock (and that's only because I incorrectly set it the night before and we overslept) and I'm really looking forward to a day when we can simply wake up.

At some point pics will come...just not this week.

9:57pm update...finally got through to the courthouse...no jury duty tomorrow. Yard work instead.

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Jennifer said...

I've missed your posts!! Glad you don't have jury duty and thank you for providing a meal. I always worry when I take something too, but I know she was grateful.