Wednesday, March 2, 2016

and so it begins

Trainers training for elections began in January. And then it was changed. And changed again. And our classes that we were supposed to teach in mid-January were pushed back into February. And even on my last day of class last week, we suddenly dropped a slide and changed some information because we finally had official word from the State Board of Elections via the courts about the elimination of May run-offs and a definitive yes to a June 7 election for congressional districts (because they had to be redrawn and are now in the approval process). So phase one of the election cycle, which I almost always enjoy (was a little more challenging this round with hospital and dr visits interspersed with class times) is officially over. Tonight beings phase two: early voting.  I'll be a supervisor-in-training this go around at "The Hut".  It's a small building in Fuquay-Varina located in Falcon Hut Park. I'm mostly excited about it, and am hoping for both good weather and a good turn out. At the moment March 16, my next day off, seems very far away, but I also know each day for the next 14 days will be a little different and unpredictable (but very busy, I hope!)
So this will be one of my three views for the next two weeks:
I know there are people who do not think NC should have early voting, but if they heard the lines of people saying "thank you", they would have to agree it's not a bad thing. From construction workers with out of town jobs, to expectant Moms who can go "at any time", to truck drivers who are often gone from home 1-2 weeks at a time, having a week and a half before the elections where they can cast an absentee ballot without the witnesses or notary is a wonderful thing. And it does eliminate some of the long lines on election day. 
Tomorrow the early-voting polls officially open. It truly is "no excuse voting"!

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