Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a big fat scam

Several weeks ago I had an ad on my Facebook newsfeed suggesting a company that several of my friends were suggesting. I went to the website, and actually purchased a few things. Four days later I received an e-mail confirmation, saying that shipping and tracking information would be coming soon, and I would receive my package within 25 days. That last part raised my eyebrows. So I waited the suggested 24-48 hours to receive the e-mail. It came, but the tracking information, while to a real company, was not a real tracking number. So I went back to the site, sent an e-mail to customer service, and received the same tracking number but the link to a different packaging company - same scenario. The next day I received my credit card statement...and I've already been charged...from the day I ordered, not from the day it supposedly shipped. Meanwhile, the account info on the website says the item is "in transit".

I've contacted my bank, and we're waiting and watching my card to see if any fraudulent charges pop up outside of this, and we've started the dispute process. Meanwhile, I'm still hoping this company is legit and my order will arrive exactly like I expected to. However, I've also started google searching this company, and found out that it's based out of China, has a business office in Great Britain (where the charge came from) and is using a Dutch shipping company. They also have over 2,000 internet complaints about them, ranging from "my order never arrived and customer service said someone else must have stolen my pckg" to "my order did come but it was 1 of 5 items and was the wrong size" or "customer service will not return any of my messages or calls".  I think it's safe to say I've fallen for a very big, fat scam.  I hope that while the bank is reviewing the case in the next 10 days this package will arrive and I can call and say "we're all good" but I fear that is not going to be the case.

I've notified Facebook about the issue, in hopes they can remove the company's page, ads, and notes. And since it came across my feed as a supposed suggestion from three friends, I've posted a warning on my page that this is not a legitimate company. I never thought I would be a person to be scammed. Looks like from here on out I will only purchase things from reputable, American companies, and Facebook ads will be regarded in the same light as tabloids. Live and learn.

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Jennifer said...

wow...that is a hard process. I had someone open a credit card in my name and thankfully only charge $40 to Sears, but it was still a horrible process to go through.