Sunday, February 14, 2016

catching up

In the last month we've spent 11 days at the hospital (and that's not counting the number of days sick at home!) and went several days without power due to the ice storm,  so I've had to let many things slide, including this blog.  So hopefully I can get caught up on a few posts this week.

Today- week one's photos from the future site of Bryan Rd Elementary School.
Day one - starting to clear the field
This little machine moves fast, knocking over small trees and upending their stumps as if they were seedlings!

placing the pipe in the new driveway
placing rocks on the black stuff for an entrance

We turned the chickens out after the work stopped. They immediately went to play "Queen of the Hill", though they were a bit confused that their paths among the weeds and dirt spots were all gone.
View at the end of Day One...a bit heart-wrenching though nice to see the field somewhat neat again.
Delivery of the work base. Some more clearing was done over the hill (out of site from our house), but that was all the visible work from our place. The fact that it rained probably had a lot to with it as well.

We are certainly in a time of transition on our little dirt road!

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