Friday, January 22, 2016


We've had sleet/freezing rain since about 5:30am. By 3pm the ice had backed up in the gutter and on the roof, which meant as it melts, the water accumulates under the ice and has nowhere to go...except through our ceiling. It's happened once before - only during ice storms, never snow or rain. It was becoming quite bad (as in 1/4 a buck of water in about 30 minutes) and I was texting my brother-in-law for suggestions when my neighbor stopped by. She had just found out about Bobby being in the hospital and was bringing a meal and checking on him. We both just looked at each other, and I wondered why on earth I never thought to call her husband, who builds houses for a living. She went and got him, and he came, crawled up in the attic and found the spot, put some pans there to stop the downpour, then got a ladder and broke away the ice from the roof AND our gutters around that area so the water would have a place to go. He told us more than once to call us if it backed up again, as well as what I needed to tell the roofer when the weather cleared up. I'm sitting here listening to an occasional drop and feeling more than blessed and overwhelmed at how God has placed the right people in the right place at the right time this last week. I have captured a few pics of the ice laden pecan trees and the tiny icicles on the roof, but those will have to be uploaded another day.  For now I'm counting my blessings and cleaning up messes.

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