Tuesday, January 12, 2016

a crazy kind of fun

Over the years ladies in our church have always said "We should do a cookbook." And everyone would nod and say "Yes, we really should." And we never did.  Over the last month I've been thinking about that, and actually researched it, and came up with the crazy conclusion that it actually might be doable. Sunday our Pastor's wife handed me back all the paperwork, said her husband had looked at it and "go for it".  And now I have this crazy fear that no one will give me any recipes.

Several years ago we did a Bible study that involved cooking classes. One lady would give a cooking demo (and have recipe handouts). While the food was cooking, we'd have Bible study. Once the food was ready, we'd eat and have discussion groups. It was awesome. So I do have almost all of the recipes saved from that. I've spent most of today typing them in (only 6 more pgs to go!).  This is the type of stuff that I actually enjoy doing. Well, I'm not crazy about the time constraint (we need to be finished and have orders taken by the first of March) but I think with all my helpers we'll have a product everyone will be proud of (I hope).

The software this company uses allows for multiple typists to enter recipes, so if someone else volunteers that will make data entry a lot easier, and I've already had one lady volunteer to help proofread.  My thought was that I'd do one section of the book at a time, but realistically I think we'll take anything as it comes in.

I think my husband is wondering how/why on earth I volunteer for such projects. Or rather, why I do them at the last minute when I have a few other things happening at the same time. But such is life. Or at least, such is my life. :)

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