Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Every week, I'll have one day where as I'm in the middle of something (like making jelly, cleaning the bathroom, etc) and I'll  have several "that'll make an awesome blog post" moments. But since I'm in the middle of something, I don't write them down. When I finally do sit down at the computer and open up my blank page, I can't exactly remember what it was.  Yeah. That old age thing.

So here's a few topics that I've thought about the last few weeks, but don't want to write about.

Immigration - a college friend's Mom is going for yet another interview in an attempt to get an American visa. She's only been waiting for 20+ years.

Organ donation - my cousin's husband and a former co-worker, both my age, are now on kidney dialysis and both are on the transplant list. Makes me miss Mary all the more.

The View and Nursing - never watched the show and have no desire to do so. Not surprised or upset they dissed nursing. Shock and disturb...isn't that the whole point of talk television and radio?

The Refugee Crisis - absolutely horrified by the attitudes of many Americans

The Presidential Election - it's not even 2016 yet!!!

Adoption - the ups, the downs, the heartaches, the misinformation, the good, the bad, the cost, the process

And my non-serious matters or things I feel I can rationally write about? You'll get those topics in the coming days. :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I can't stand the view. I thought about watching it when I heard Candace would be on, but I can't stand them. I heard the comments via you tube. I really can't understand why they are bashing the woman from the miss America pagent. I did watch her and I thought she did great. It was nice to see an unusual talent other than singing and I loved her monologue.