Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Last week my oldest niece helped plan an college activity. They did a 1980's throwback party. Seriously. So while I'm digesting the fact that college kids today see my tween and teenage years as historic, a friend from high school posted this on Facebook (and I've edited to cover their names):

Conversation on the way to school this morning as we passed the Bankhead House.
Child - "mom, did you see that house right there, the big one?"
 Parent - "I do"
Child - " It has clothes in it from the 80's!"
Parent - "the 80's"
Child - "Yes! And from a battle!"

I guess the 80's for her would be like the 50's for me growing up. 
Talk about starting the morning off feeling old! 

So if I had any doubts about the matter, I am officially old and historic!  And to make matters crazier, I'm wondering if items from "a battle" would be items from WWII, Vietnam, or the first Gulf War, which my generation fought in. Kind of crazy to realize such a defining time in my life is not the "latest" war.

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