Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dad's fever is still running over a 100. That's with Motrin or Tylenol. Mom ended up rescheduling all her appointments this week to another time.

While I haven't finished laundry by any stretch of the imagination, I did pick in the garden and have a countertop full of tomatoes, six ears of corn shucked, and a small bowl of peas shelled.

Volleyball net...(either a storm took out a pole or people who weren't supposed to be here while we were gone, or our dog) is now down and somewhat dismantled and put up. I went online to see about ordering another pole, but my internet security wouldn't let the site load because it was a "malicious" site.  So I'm thinking that's not something I'm going to worry with today.

And I've still not made it to my sewing room to cut out pieces for the Quilts of Valor group on Friday. Nor did I cut grass today. I feel like my days are ending before my energy and check lists are.

So that's it for Wednesday.

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