Tuesday, July 14, 2015

and home

We returned from AL about 8:30pm last night. I've not had time to load pictures onto the computer, but will hopefully get the chance sometime this week.

It was a good but emotionally challenging week. As always, there was no way to get everything done. I left without helping my parents with the garden or cutting the grass.  But I did help my Dad with the estate/moving sale for my godparents, spending one day pricing, one day selling, and one day shopping and moving stuff for my Mom. My aunt brought by some family history stuff, and I took so many pictures I wore out the battery on my camera and had to recharge my phone. But I was able to get through all the stacks of stuff she left for me to sort through. Saturday night, after the estate sale was over, Dad started running a high fever and ended up at urgent care. Bobby gave his testimony at church Sunday morning since it was too late to find anyone. Monday found us heading home and Mom trying to find a dr's office that could work him. If he's still running a high fever tomorrow he's to call the dr back. I'm not very happy that they diagnosed it as bacterial without doing bloodwork, nor did they check his blood to see if levels were elevated indicating allergies.  All the symptoms mimic allergies from when they first appeared years ago, except his fever never went quite that high then. He has his regular appt on Thursday, so maybe we'll get some answers then. It was so hard to leave knowing he was so sick. On the upside, Mom is doing the best I've seen in a long time. Her health is almost night and day compared to when I last saw her in February. So I'm thankful for that.

And our week is off and running...

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