Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow day!

I had set the alarm this morning so we could take my car to the Honda dealership to replace some parts that have been recalled, only to have my husband inform me we weren't going anywhere. We now have a good 2" of snow on the ground, and it's still (as of 4:54pm) lightly falling. I've not looked at the weather forecast, but I think there may be more on the way in the next two days.

The chickens are treating the snow the same way they treated the ice last week...mostly staying in. The dogs are liking the snow (they tolerated the ice and slid around some for fun) and have continued their daily ritual of chasing each other. They're not happy because I won't go outside and play, and Buster recently started chasing all the birds eating seed off the ground. I guess he's bored. FedEx and UPS haven't been to our neighbors today, and he loves to race the trucks (inside the fence line).

Meanwhile, I've done some family research and baking. No sewing yet today, though maybe after supper I can. Meanwhile I'm off to feed the chickens and check the mail. Last Thursday when it was so bad our mail didn't run, and we're joking that she may not come today either. There was once before that she left a note and didn't deliver a package because "there's a dog and it's raining." But realistically, I don't blame anyone for not coming down our road in inclement weather.

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