Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Last night my Facebook feeds were filling up with posts and newslinks from home, as there was another gas explosion.  I should say "gas explosion" and not "another" as the last one was almost 25 years ago when I was in high school. But I've not forgotten it. I still remember the blast, how our house shook, how we thought it was a train that derailed and crashed, and then the fear and concern as we heard sirens coming near our house, stepped out side, and saw the flames reaching up above the tree tops. An older couple died, one immediately, one later.  To this day gas makes me a little nervous.

As the night wore on and more details became now, I heard that three workers from Cordova's utility company were injured. Found out this morning one of them was a classmate from high school. The hospital kept him overnight for observation. The last time I saw him was at our one and only reunion a few years ago, and he was sharing his fears from the day the two tornadoes hit our small town.  As I look at the photo below, from, I'm reminded that none of us are promised tomorrow, or even the next minute.
Cordova Gas Explosion

Praying for my hometown today - for those who had not heat for a while due to gas cutoffs, for those living nearby whose homes were damaged, for the grieving families, for the injured workers, and the firemen who worked the scene. 

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