Sunday, December 28, 2014

ever changing

The holidays are always that circular mixture of joy and sorrow. Joy because we have a respite from the "normalicy" of life; of seeing loved ones we don't encounter often; of reminders of why we live and believe - of who we are.  Sorrow because we're reminded of those no longer with us; of seeing time literally pass before our eyes; the reminder of how our barren lives are so very different from everyone else; and the ever present struggle of expectations.

We've laughed a lot this week. From phone calls hearing excitement on the other end to seeing family pictures on Facebook to seeing the shock that an almost 60 year old uncle knew what a "groupie" was (I didn't!) AND had actually seen the movie Mockingjay, we've made a lot of memories this year.

My in-laws were sharing last night how they were shocked the other day to realize someone they thought was incredibly old when they got married was actually the age they are now. And I totally understand that sentiment. It startles and scares and excites me to realize my child-bearing days will in a few years be something of the past. It makes me sad to realize we are "aged out" of the adoption parameters. I realize now my grandparents weren't all that strange when they looked at modern gadgets unimpressed, shrugged, and had simply no desire in it.

This world is ever changing as it spins onward. And yet, as I listened to new songs proclaiming age old truths this morning in church, I was comforted by how some things have never changed in this ever changing world.

Emmanuel - no matter how it is sung or preached, He's still with me. :)

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