Monday, December 8, 2014


My brain is always thinking of projects for the future - quilt patterns to make one day, a different way to decorate, something new I'd like to learn, etc.
My body is telling me - do it now.
Very contradictory messages.

The night before we headed to Alabama for Thanksgiving, I began having muscle pain in my thumb/wrist area. Not the stiffness I have in my knees, but muscle weakness (as in it I couldn't grasp anything with my thumb and it had little tingling and sharp pains). While there, and after a few nights of waking up in pain, we bought a thumb/wrist support splint, and that helps some. But the support means you basically can't bend your thumb, which eliminates a lot of activities.

After we returned home, I started taking some different vitamins (ones that are supposed to help joints). Today is only day three, but I've already noticed some difference. (Down side is I'm having headaches again, though that could be due to the change in weather.)

The craziness of all this is it makes me feel like I need to do as much as I can while I can because I fear one day my hands will be arthritic like Mom's are and it will hurt too bad to do activities like quilting and drawing. While attending a lecture at the history museum last month, I saw this quilt on display:

 So instead of marking things OFF my list, I'm adding to them.

 A close-up of the block...trying to figure out how it's assembled.

 I think I've almost got it figured out (piecing directions), but not necessarily the sizes of fabric needed to be cut.  Bobby says if I show him the picture, he can draw out the pattern. The scary thing is, he probably can. And he's never quilted.

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