Friday, September 26, 2014

who needs cardio class?

As if my intense dislike of exercise wasn't enough to make me think gym classes were non-essential, I came up with another reason this week: I get enough cardio at home.

 While it was only between 6-8" long, this little booger scared my heart rate into a high aerobic level this week when I stepped towards my car, and realized it was hanging out there in the my path.
And of course, I was almost running late, wearing flip-flops, and yet I knew that thing had to be dealt with before I left. Thankfully there was some metal thing in the hall corner (left over from when they put the stove in years glad now it was still there!), so I grabbed it and started smushing.  And no, I didn't examine its head to see if it was diamond shaped (which means poisonous) or not until I was done. I DID know that it's little head was up in the air when I walked out and its tiny tongue was flickering like crazy.

And these guys?

Little Dog and Buster TOTALLY ignored it. Buster even stood over the snake at one point while I was trying to kill it, demanding petting. I couldn't believe it.  They prodded it a time or two with their paws after I had taken care of it, but they've not touched it once. And yet, they'll eat my grape tomatoes and tear the scarecrow off the front door or dig up anything I plant inside their fence line.

Cardio?  Who needs it?  I get enough of it from everyday life!


Jennifer said...

Cardio? That would have given me a heart attack! Yuck!! I don't care if it was just a little black snake I still would have had a heart attack, but he looks horrible!! I can't believe Buster just stood there especially since he goes after other things!!

Lydia said...

Ugh. Luna would be no help either. She would be demanding that the snake pet her. Glad you saw it! Baby snakes are more poisonous than the adults of their kind if they are venomous. Looks like a baby copperhead to me.

Monica said...

No, it's not a poisonous snake (rounded head; poisonous ones have a diamond shaped head). I'm thinking it's a water snake, but not entirely sure.