Monday, September 8, 2014

political ads

This is only September, and I am ready to beat my head against a wall.

I hate political ads. Most of them, both sides, slant the truth so bad it's not funny. They clearly play on emotions and hype and not fact. It's insane. Here's the standard line of what we've been seeing:

Hi, my name is X (or Y) and I'm running for US Senate. My opponent hates education/poor people and only loves rich people. So support me for US Senate.

Really?  Both candidates worked in the NC Senate. Both candidates voted for the same tax package (yeah, the same deal that limits the taxes on yachts to $150,000), although they served in the Senate at different times. That tax break really and truly has been around that long.

And the accusation that one opponent doesn't care about poor people?  The one making the accusation grew up wealthy; the one being accused grew up poor.  Go figure.

If I were queen of the world, and I'm thankful I'm not, I would require that political ads could do one thing: tell what THAT candidate believes, supports, and hopes to accomplish...nothing else. Then let the voters decide.

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