Tuesday, August 26, 2014

gearing up

Monday was an epic off-and-on battle with the "ME-Monster" as our pastor calls it, today has been good, but I've also been trying to focus as and prioritize as the craziness of our week approaches.

I think I shocked some people tonight by not attending the visitation for the high school senior at WCA, but I'm thankful I have a very understanding and supportive husband. I do plan to attend the funeral tomorrow, but I knew tonight would be absolutely packed, and as I knew neither the girl or the parents (Bobby taught both her parents) I felt like my time would be better spend playing catch up on the endless stream of things I'm behind on around the house.  And when our new neighbor from Michigan stopped Bobby at the mail box this afternoon to let him know his wife died yesterday (diagnosed with cancer last fall), I was glad I had already made that decision. We knew there had been a lot more cars than normal the last few days, and he said they had called hospice in, as well as had some friends and family come from Michigan.

And I still do not feel ready/prepared for the interview on Friday. I have enough of my presentation completed that I can wing it, but it's not the calibar that I'd like for it to be.  I was very close to picking up the phone today and telling them to drop my name from the interview list.

I did finally get the tomatoes finished (the ones on the counter anyway...I'm told there's more in the garden screaming desperately for my attention), as well as half of my errand list completed.

And as we hit the bed knowing tomorrow is another early morning, I am resting in the truths that God is sovereign, that His love is eternal, that He is merciful, He is excessively patient and, His mercies are new...every single morning.  That is calming, even more than chocolate (though chocolate certainly helps!).

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