Thursday, March 18, 2010

organized randomness

Well, I think I've figured out the advertisement issue. I had downloaded an online game the other day. I noticed while I was trying to blog that suddenly the internet was connecting to that website, so I went and uninstalled the game. When I went back to my blog, all the advertisement links were gone. I ran the virus scan and nothing other than cookies and a few non-threatening spyware items showed up, but I doubt I'll be downloading anymore games!

I got to hear the pledge of allegiance a few minutes ago. It was actually quite cool. A family is staying with us through Sat morning, and their daughter is being "homeschooled" in K4. They started out their morning session with the pledge, which was neat to hear. I find it encouraging and refreshing that there are still parents who are instilling not only Scriptural principles but also patriotic principles in their children as well.

And the dogs are almost in panic mode. They want some goose eggs...bad, but they're just not having much luck this season. :O) Most mornings instead of chasing each other or birds, they are now frantically running along the side of the pond or sitting watch at certain spots in hopes of capturing an egg. AND the geese (or at least one) is actually laying in the duck house I modified. At last count there were eight eggs inside. We might actually have goslings to survive this year! (emphasis on the word might...there's still turtles to contend with)

I may not post again until Monday with us having company for a few days and Saturday is Bobby's Christmas present. (I gave him tickets to the Civil War Re-enactment at the Bentonville Battlefield.) But then again, if I have to choose between blogging and ironing...hmmm. We'll see which one wins.

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