Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sin is like housekeeping

Everyone has to eat. Or at least they should.
You cook, the fam eats supper, and then the kitchen is a mess.
So there's a choice: read the paper or wash the dishes.
And here's where I envision Nancy Knight in her quiet little voice and hand motions: "Two choices on the shelf: pleasing God or pleasing self."
Don't get me wrong. I don't equate washing dishes with godliness.
But if I choose to relax and leave the mess until the next day, there's a slim possibility that I might even put them off yet another day. After all, there's few extra dishes from heating up leftovers.
And so the saga goes.

I sweep and mop the floor.
Bobby comes home.
The shiny floor now has wheel tracks through it.
The wind blows at night, filling the garage floor with dust and feathers.
We track it in the next day.
And the floor? Oh, it was mopped you say?
And so the saga goes.

Devotions. Yeah, did those yesterday.
What? You mean it has to be done AGAIN? Today?
And so the saga goes.

I think sometimes this why I struggle so with the Christian faith. It takes daily, methodical maintenance. It demands discipline. It requires repetition. Sounds eerily like housework. Must do daily or it all becomes a mess.
And so the saga goes.

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Jennifer said...

Great post Monica...and a great way for me to think of it!