Thursday, January 21, 2010

and more craziness

Grandma Ball's footstool is now recovered. I measured the foam, cut it, measured the fabric, hemmed the edges, made an elastic holder, inserted the elastic wouldn't go on. I didn't measure the elastic and it was too short. So I pulled the elastic out, whipped out my staple gun, and BAM! It's not professional-looking. I don't think I cut the foam evenly, but IT IS FINISHED! and it matches my couch and rocking chair and Bobby actually thought it looked nice.

This just goes to show how crazy I am. My mother-in-law will be staying at our house while I'm gone to the Ladies' Retreat, (my first time away in 10 years!) and my brother-in-law will be coming in every evening to help out with other things. So what do I do instead of cleaning house and getting things organized for them? Work on projects! Of course, to my crazily wired brain this makes perfect since. See, the fabric for the footstool and the rocking chair (which is not done and hidden in a bedroom) was on the kitchen table, which had to be cleaned off. And if we're trying really hard to put things where they go, doesn't it make sense to literally put the material and foam where it goes? And yesterday's mirror was propped up on the laundry room door, so it needed to be cleaned, repaired, and hung. I still haven't hung it yet, but seeing as I have another hour before leaving that might actually get done. Meanwhile, the hallway had to be cleaned out (you know, all the stuff I had to drag out there from my cluttered art room so I could reach the Christmas decorations) so in order to put that stuff away I had to actually start cleaning the art room. You can now see 3/4 of the hospital bed in that room, as well as 75% of the floor! Progress!

Now I just need to finish packing and feed the chickens.

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