Friday, December 18, 2009

possibly maybe perhaps could be snow?

big gray sky with touch of cold
almost drab to behold
one single fleck floats through the air
could be a leaf or blossom fair

a shopping trip i'd like to take
but know the outcome it would make
if the forecast does come true
and southern roads turn icy blue

and i ponder what to do
for kids who carol and eat cake, too
when to cancel or plunge ahead
and bring some cheer to old gray heads

4 years ago tomorrow night
a van of kids took flight
and sailed into a side ravine
with water, mud -a scary scene

between the weather and the speed
of a teen's borrowed car and her need
to buy a gift and return home
before her grandma caught her gone

it was a day much like today
when that call came from far away
and a list of injuries did begin
that i feared would never end

three hours there; three hours back
a heart wrenching, tear-streaked driving track
my husband at home with broken bone
my heart ripping in two with each mile home

a christmas i will never forget
a reminder of how much my sister meant
ministry is great; activities fun
but not when it imperils anyone


sara's art house said...

Oh my goodness gracious! I thought it would be a fun, lighthearted poem and here it was a tearjerker!!!

I agree- if there are icy roads I would not want to be driving other kids around- but if the roads are OK- then we would be OK. I am going to check

Jennifer said...

I'm with Sara....tear jerker!