Thursday, December 31, 2009

30 years ago today

This morning at 2am marked the 30 year anniversary of Bobby's accident.
Needless to say, he was up WAY past his bedtime. (Keep in mind he was a farm boy who would have gone to bed with the chickens had they had any. In other words, he went to bed at dark thirty). He fell asleep behind the wheel, and woke up as his car exited the road into a ravine-type ditch. The next thing he remembers is waking up on the ground, cold, his neck hurting, and being unable to move. He later remembers a policeman kneeling over him, and looking shocked when Bobby asked if his car was okay. (His car was actually worse off than him, and was probably one of those rare occasions when wearing a seatbelt would have killed him.)

Of the hundreds of people praying for his healing in the months to come, he never regained the use of his fingers, arms, or legs. Some people questioned his salvation, believing that God would heal a true believer. Others questioned God, wondering why this happened or why God didn't heal him. Some people, like his Mom, turned to God during the horrible time, for in her words, "I needed Him like never before." Thirty years later, as I reflect on the testimonies and stories I've been told, I believe God did heal Bobby, just not in a way anyone expected.

Most people suffer a severe depression or out-of-control anger after such an accident. After joining several forums for care-giving spouses, I've learned that it's not uncommon for people to struggle with their emotions for a 2-3 years after their accident and only then do they even begin to come out of the downward tailspin. The doctors even warned Mrs. Bryan that Bobby's upbeat attitude and "what next" spirit wouldn't last and the darker days were just around the corner. It has now been 30 years, and those dark days have yet to come. I'm not saying he's never struggled or wondered why or been upset, but I am saying that the spirit of doom has never overcome him. I think God answered the thousands of prayers for healing, and that God healed his spirit instead of his body.

And for that I am extremely grateful. People often joke about men being pitiful when they're sick and how difficult I have it when he's ill, and it always takes me by surprise. He's a much better patient than I could ever dream of being.

So today's not an anniversary you want to remember, but for my husband it is one just the same.

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Jennifer said...

Wow. Joshua heard the story before, but I had never heard. He is an amazing man, and you are an amazing woman! I don't know if I would be as positive as Bobby was/is.