Sunday, April 5, 2009

i am a spleen

Several of my facebook friends enjoy taking all these quizzes and personality tests, such as "What's your ministry?" I'm really not sure how my favorite foods have anything to do with my ministry, but other questions, such as "what inspires you" had many answer choices I could have easily picked. I found the timing of this quiz interesting as we are now going through lessons on spiritual gifts at church, and I honestly have no idea what my spiritual gift is. So I took the quiz and the answer was: Ground's Keeper and Fence Mender. Bobby found this very funny when I told him.
Growing up I always heard the verse "to whom much is given, much shall be required" quoted, and I came to dread it. To me it meant the more you developed your talents or areas of expertise, the more work you had to do. And I think that's where the difference of a talent and a true spiritual gift comes out. I don't think (and I may be woefully wrong on this) that a spiritual gift is something you dread using or doing.
So until I figure it out, I guess my role in the body is the spleen (like the Ground's Keeper and Fence Mender). I keep the body functioning but would prefer not to deal with people to do it. Meanwhile, I have a house to clean and organize for my favorite little people on Saturday.

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Jennifer said...

I don't know what my spiritual gift is either. I always got talents and gifts mixed up.