Tuesday, February 10, 2009

warm weather

The moon is full.
The weather is warm.
The animals are stirring.
My dogs are driving me crazy.

What kind of ball is this that has them barking non-stop?

Ahh, a heinous 'possum...the creature that had it no feet could easily have been the serpent that deceived Eve. I honestly would not be surprised if such a creature is the wormwood found in hell they are so repulsive. Mutant rats is what they are. Last night the dogs stayed at the trees by the pond barking, possibly at this same creature or its relatives (though it could be for a raccoon). I'm hoping tonight they hear or smell nothing.


Jennifer said...

oooohh....so ugly, Monica! Thats disgusting! I guess that's whats in our backyard too!!

sara's art house said...

Hope you get some sleep tonight! :)

Carroll said...


OK...I'm calm now...