Monday, February 2, 2009

February projects

January was a nice, calm month, and February has blown in like a whirlwind! Thanks to Mary Booth and her get-together Saturday, I did get all the pieces for the baby quilt cut out and I have two strips sewn, so that's progress. Maybe tomorrow night I can sit down with the sewing machine and finish off the top. The baby shower has been planned for the end of Feb instead of in March, so that means I really have to get busy! It might be later in the week before I post pictures, though.
Also on the agenda for this month is a nesting area for the geese. The boards I painted last year have now been somewhat assembled, but I'm just waiting for a semi-nice day to dig out a spot for them (don't want the wind blowing them over!). The fence I think I'm going to need help with. That's one part I'm not looking forward to. Hopefully this will be the year that they can successfully hatch their own and we won't need our incubator. But I have this dreadful feeling that I'll go to all that work and trouble and they'll still lay eggs in the middle of the yard, though they did better last year at hiding their nests.
I'm trying not to think about the next month, and the next, but focus on each week and month as it comes. Maybe that way I'll get more accomplished and be a lot less stressed about things. I'd like to say it worked for January, but our calendar this month already has just as much, if not more, on it. I think my strategy should continue to work, but we'll see. Redeeming the time...though some days I feel more like I'm just reviewing it.

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