Sunday, February 8, 2009

expressions of jubilation

This morning our church was blessed with "preaching through music". Our music man, Dave Mincy shared with us not only songs he has written and recorded on his new CD, but also a few that he's written since the CD's compilation. One of the songs, titled God's Plan (I think that's the name of it!) ended with lines about what we'll sing in heaven. I couldn't help but think about those we love who've already gone before, and I must admit, it was a bit funny trying to put their actions as I knew them on earth with a celebration scene in heaven. I have no problem picturing Rea-Rea (my grandmother) throwing up her arms and shouting or whooping or dancing. Whereas when I think of my father-in-law rejoicing, I see him with a contented smile, closed eyes, and then him grinning real big and saying, "Hm, pretty good, ain't it?" Grandma White will be nodding her head and saying, "That's just the purtiest thing!" with joyful tears swelling up. Both of my grandfathers will be nodding their heads and saying, "Thank You, Thank You", though it would not surprise me in the least for Papa Guyton to throw up us hands. And Mrs. Richardson from the Cordova church will be throwing up her arms and pinching everybody's cheeks while exclaiming, "Isn't this just blessed?!" I wonder sometimes what it will be like when we get there. I can't wait to see everyone again, and am curious to see our new bodies and what jobs or chores our Father has awaiting us, as well as how different everyone will look and act in the new and unblemished bodies.
If your view of heaven is from tv (you know, those stupid cream cheese commercials), then I suggest you read Revelation chapters 5, 7, and 19-22. You can also go to and type in the word Heaven and study all the verses it pulls up. It's not only neat, but gives a new perspective on planet earth and how things could have been had sin not entered our world.
I do know that until the time comes when I see those who've already gone on, I'm thankful that God did have a plan in place to cover all the selfishness and pride and other sins that so easily snares us. It's humbling and comforting to know that our Creator loves us so much that He put an emergency plan in place for when we botch things. And that itself is worth singing about.

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