Thursday, January 8, 2009

We once had a tree with a V.
Now it's a mess.

And it split the dog's fence line.
But on a different note: farm-raised rabbits cooked in a crock-pot with french onion soup smells like a roast cooking, but had the texture of very dried chicken. The taste wasn't bad, but I liked the leftovers better. It was chopped up and heated in BBQ sauce (the Kraft kind that's tomato based, not the vinegar NC stuff) and it not only added moisture to it, but it tasted great! I bet if I brought some over to your house, you'd never know it was rabbit!


sara's art house said...

You know what, I will take your word for it :) Glad it tastes like chicken!!!!

Jennifer said...

if i ever get sick again and you happen to bring something over, don't tell me it's rabbit!

mrs.pabody said...

I grew up eating rabbits we raised, but it's been a really long time! Where did you buy them around here?!

P.S. I'm sorry about your fence!